Creating a Destination Workplace

This interactive course covers five best practice areas essential to create a destination workplace. Learn how to capture your organization’s distinct culture; how employees can help tell your company’s story; why it is important to raise your organization’s profile with prospects; how to “re-recruit” current employees to better engage and retain them; and the best ways to connect your talent to customers.  Featuring short video clips from leaders of global, national and regional companies and information from current publications, this course shares the success stories of companies that are “putting their people first.” Also included is a section on intrapersonal intelligence to help you address issues regarding cross-generational workplace communication and functions.


Will  Ruch

Will Ruch

Will Ruch is an award-winning business owner, strategist, thought leader, author, speaker and entrepreneur.  As CEO of Versant, he leads a client-centric firm providing strategic marketing, branding, advertising and communication services in two practice areas focused on customers and talent.  ... read more

Who Should Attend

  • Organizational leaders who want to attract and retain top talent
  • Hiring managers
  • Supervisors
  • Human resource professionals
  • Organizational development professionals
  • Learning and development leaders

Benefits and Learning Outcomes

  • Capture your organization’s distinct culture
  • Help employees tell the story of their organization
  • Raise your organization’s profile with talent and customer prospects
  • Understand the importance of “re-recruiting” current employees
  • Learn how to best connect talent with customers
  • Learn the fundamentals of workplace cross-generational communication skills, with technology as a complement, to prepare employees for success
  • Learn to create a destination workplace

Course Outline/Topics

  • Tell me why I should work for your company?
    • How to capture the distinctive and memorable elements of your talent story
  • The best referral is from someone who loves working at your company
    • How to identify great employee brand ambassadors
  • Raise your company’s profile
    • Think like a marketer, and mix it up with channels and media. Capture the momentum and excitement of living and working in your geographical area
  • Re-recruit
    • How to remain connected to your employees – engage and retain
  • Connect talent to customers
    • Your customer’s brand should be part of your recruiting
  • Intrapersonal intelligence
    • Teaching the basics of workplace communication as a complement to technology dependence


"Excellent workshop! Loved all the information and sharing of ideas. Great takeaways that I can implement!"  —  Beverly J. Anderson, Executive Director, Ebenezer Child Care Centers, Inc., 2019

"Will was fantastic. He was engaging and educational. He gave us concrete ideas that can improve our businesses."  —  Participant, 2019

Dates and locations to be announced.