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Advertising on Facebook, Twitter and Other Social Platforms

Advertising on social networks gives marketers new and powerful methods for reaching niche pockets of your target audience without succumbing to “banner blindness.” But these social platforms offer a myriad of options and seem to only get more complicated by the day.

Learn surefire techniques to maximize your budget and achieve your goals, whether that’s engagement, awareness or traffic to your site. Go beyond theory with a lab-based, hands-on classroom environment and an expert instructor on hand to clarify how each technique applies to your unique business case.

Whether you’ve never advertised on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn before, or you’ve been running social for some time, you’re sure to come away with actionable strategies you can apply to make your paid social more impactful and efficient.

NOTE: The bulk of this course will center on Facebook, with only light interaction on other platforms. The strategies taught during this course, however, are easily transferrable to other social platforms.

This course can be applied to the Digital Marketing Certificate.

Who Should Attend

  • Digital marketers who want to learn more about applying paid media to support a larger digital marketing strategy
  • Traditional marketers or media buyers who need to understand digital media buying and paid promotion
  • Social media, web, PR or other marketing specialists who want to broaden their marketing role to include paid media
  • Business owners whose marketing strategy includes or may include a paid media component

Course Outline/Topics

  1. Leaning into the strengths of paid social
  2. Structuring your account: Campaigns, Ad Sets, Ads
  3. Building an effective campaign for:
    • Awareness
    • Social engagement
    • Driving traffic to your site
    • Lead generation
  4. Using custom audiences for ultimate efficiency
  5. Measurement and optimization


"I was looking for a course that could get me grounded in social media advertising and this definitely fit the bill. Steve is incredibly knowledgeable about the subject matter and taught at a good pace (perfect for a newbie like me). I’m looking forward to putting what I learned into practice!"  —  Becca Mader, 2018

Dates and locations to be announced.


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