Courses starting on Thu., June 20.

  • Milwaukee Riverwalk Tour – Presented by Historic Milwaukee
    Date: Thu., June 20 5:30-7:30pm
    Discover the design concepts used to create downtown Milwaukee’s Riverwalk path along the Milwaukee River with a certified historic Milwaukee guide. Enjoy all the sculptures and artwork dotting the landscape, and learn about the historic, architecturally significant buildings all along…
  • The Care and Feeding of Galaxies
    Date: Thu., June 20 10-11:15am
    Galaxies do not evolve in isolation. Astronomer Dawn Erb discusses current research on the formation and evolution of distant galaxies, focusing on their interactions with the gas surrounding them.
  • Wisconsin Literacy Research Symposium
    Date: Thu.-Fri., June 20-21 8am-3:45pm
    Traversing the Complexities of Today’s Literacy Landscape: Possibilities for Research, Theory, Policy and Practice Teachers face an immensely complex task in engaging their students in literacy education. They must navigate policies at multiple levels, recognize and engage their students’ cultural…