Courses starting on Thu., Mar. 21.

  • Basic Spanish for Health Care Professionals
    Date: 6 Thu., Mar. 21-Apr. 25 6-8:30pm
    Basic Spanish for Healthcare Providers is an introduction to the Spanish language that allows medical personnel to learn the basics of the language so that they might acquire and obtain information through basic conversation with Spanish-speaking patients. This course is…
  • Czech Conversation
    Date: 6 Thu., Mar. 21-Apr. 25 6-8:30pm
    This course is for those with a basic understanding of the Czech language who would like to continue learning and practicing in a classroom setting.
  • Environmental Regulatory Overview
    Date: Thu., Mar. 21 8am-4:30pm
    Two landmark pieces of Federal legislation have had major impacts on improving the quality of our drinking water and our lakes and streams in the United States. This short course reviews key pieces of both the Safe Drinking Water Act…
  • French I
    Date: 6 Thu., Mar. 21-Apr. 25 6-8:30pm
    Learn the “Universal Language of Culture” and a preferred tongue for devotees of cinema, drama, music and haute cuisine. Gain basic conversational skills and essential grammar. French I is for those new to the French language or those with prior…
  • Korean II
    Date: 6 Thu., Mar. 21-Apr. 25 6-8:30pm
    This course is a continuation of Korean I. Acquire the fundamentals of the Korean language and culture to function socially at a basic comprehension level. Start with the building blocks, such as the practice and mastery of Hangul and the…
  • The World’s Greatest Geological Wonders – Best of the Series (DVD Course)
    Date: 3 Thu., Mar. 21-Apr. 4 12:30-1:45pm
    This course has six of some of the best videos from the highly rated Great Courses titled “The World’s Greatest Geological Wonders.” Dr. Michael E. Wysession explains the geological features that make each place a geological wonder and a must-see…
  • WI T-TAP Foundations
    Date: Thu., Mar. 21 9am-1:30pm
    In this seven-hour course, you explore the art and the science of training and technical assistance through some unique lenses. As a T-TA Professional, you must know the science behind training and/or technical assistance, such as knowledge of adult learning theory,…