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Youth Engagement Practice Certificate

Youth engagement is a critical component to reach children in need and create positive futures for kids in vulnerable situations. This challenging mission requires collaboration between many different professionals in order to achieve long-term measurable growth for youth groups. The Youth Engagement Practice Certificate is an online noncredit training program that uses the Regulatory Standards of Wisconsin to inform youth topics. Our 32-hour entry-level program includes an introduction to youth engagement followed by several different subjects of successful youth development practices.

Learning Outcomes

  • Define the role of professional child and youth care workers
  • Identify implications of developmental delays and behavioral changes
  • Analyze techniques to bridge gaps and establish trust with youth
  • Compare different methods of support used to foster healthy development
  • Outline popular methods to strengthen positive coping skills
  • Create engagement plans that prioritize long-term goals
  • Summarize the major benefits of applying trauma-informed solutions


To get started, enroll in the recommended first course – Introduction to Child and Youth Work. Earn the certificate by completing 7 courses within three years.

Adolescent Planning and Goal Setting


Adolescent Stress and Coping Skills


Foundations of Youth Development


Introduction to Child and Youth Work
Recommended first course


Relational Youth Work


The Adolescent Brain



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