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Professional Certificate in Human Services

Human services is an interdisciplinary field of study aimed at addressing and preventing issues as a means to improve overall quality of life for individuals and communities. The Professional Certificate in Human Services examines human behavior and social complexities in a deep, meaningful way. Whether through counseling, mental health, psychology, youth development and families or corrections, this program helps you put theory into practice – expanding your knowledge and skills while affecting change through your service and work.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify the roles of human services professionals in a variety of social service settings
  • Apply the skills in case management, documentation, in-take assessment, treatment planning, crisis intervention and referrals
  • Demonstrate the ability to adhere to professional standards, including client confidentiality, advocacy and sensitivity when working with diverse populations
  • Examine social and mental health issues and how they factor into daily life, including Trauma-Informed Care
  • Explore supervision, interpersonal and group leadership skills, and best practices within human services professions
  • Discover the variety of family systems and multidimensional systems in relation to human behaviors and the environment, along with individual and societal implications


Earn the certificate by completing 3 core courses and 2 electives within two years. Courses can be taken in any sequence.

Register for courses that explore the type of work you aspire to do, including Youth Development and Families; Mental Health, Psychology and Counseling; Supervision and Case Management; and Corrections, Advocacy and Support Services.

Online course formats include live, course-paced, combined or on-demand. Blended courses offer both face-to-face and online components. View the session information on course pages for details.

CORE COURSESFallSpringSummerPrice
Beyond Therapy: Different Uses for Counseling Degrees

5/6/2021 Live Online

Global Citizenship

3/4-3/5/2021 Live Online

Motivational Interviewing

4/12-4/13/2021 Live Online

Trauma-Informed Care – What Is It? Why Now? How to Be a TIC Provider

4/21/2021 Live Online

6/1-6/30/2021 Online

African American Mental Health & Best Practices

11/1-11/30 Online

3/1-3/31/2021 Online

6/1-6/30/2021 Online

Assessing and Evaluating My Supervisee

1/19/2021 Live Online

Clinical Supervision and Organizational Methods

2/16/2021 Live Online

Decriminalization of Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder

4/16/2021 Live Online

Fundamentals of the Criminal Justice System

3/8/2021 Live Online

Interviewing Children: How to Use Art and Play as Tools$125
Leading and Managing Human Service Professionals

3/22-5/3/2021 Online

Managing Resistant Clients

3/1/2021 Live Online

Mind-Body Tools for Deeper Wellness

2/19/2021 Live Online

Professional Responsibility/Ethics and Boundaries in Clinical Supervision

11/17 Live Online

4/20/2021 Live Online

Social Work Ethics and Boundaries

11/6 Live Online

2/12/2021 Live Online

The Healing Journey of Grief and Loss

1/29/2021 Live Online

Trauma First Aid: When and How to Safely Help

3/31/2021 Live Online

Working With Survivors of Sex Trafficking

11/12 Live Online

4/15/2021 Live Online

Working With Trauma – Choosing Your Approach

12/3 Live Online

6/2/2021 Live Online


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