Business Acumen Certificate

Making sound, informed decisions is key to a strong business foundation. The Business Acumen Certificate develops your ability to create competitive operational and industry strategies that are critical to an organization’s success. Through our program, learn how to effectively integrate data and financials into your strategic decision-making process, understand your organization’s digital transformation including its impact on your customers, and use critical-thinking skills to optimize your decisions. Work with instructors who use their industry experience to help you gain business acumen and achieve measurable results for your organization.

To get started, enroll in a course from the list below. Earn the certificate by completing 7 courses.

Benefits and Learning Outcomes

  • Develop the business skills needed to operate at a strategic level
  • Examine and refine your critical-thinking and analysis skills
  • Formulate systems to integrate data into your decision-making process
  • Analyze and interpret financial statements and evaluate various strategies for growth
  • Identify the benefits of implementing an organizational culture that places the customer first
  • Define key aspects of digital transformation within an organization