You already know H&M, SKYPE, SPOTIFY, IKEA, & ABBA! Now learn the rest of the language and discover that Swedish is fun to speak. The structure is close to English and many words are easily recognizable to English or German speakers. Swedish is extremely similar to Danish and Norwegian, so by learning one language you know three!

Why should I study Scandinavian Languages and Culture?

Scandinavian countries are a fascinating mix of old and cutting-edge modern where the cultural values of the Vikings can still be seen in everyday life. The region is home to several distinct nations, but these countries also share a common history, as well as similarities in social and economic structure, which contribute to a collective Nordic Identity.

The Nordic countries are known for its innovative approaches to democracy, literature and the arts, and its history surrounding colonialism, migration and globalization. They are increasingly influential in the global economy, and seen as world leaders in many technological fields, Gaming, sustainability and medical research, as well as Design, Media and the Arts. The Scandinavian Countries continuously rank in the top five of Newsweek’s Worlds Best Countries to live, and Sweden is ranked as the second most competitive economy in the world.

In recent years the translation industry has grown rapidly, and so has the demand for translators specializing in Scandinavian Languages.

Study Abroad

UWM offers several study abroad programs to Sweden that offer a variety of courses and you can pursue your individual interest. Learning the language will give you unique access to the Scandinavian cultures and markets.