Thesis: Re/Set A Contemplative Wellness Retreat

Abigail Schmidt


University campuses are a place for academic achievements, athletic pursuits, social engagements, and independence — yet there is minimal architectural emphasis to support emotional well-being. Unfolding the stigma of mental health on college campuses through a building that itself is a journey of renewal is the goal of this proposal. This project is situated on Wisconsin Avenue of Marquette University, bringing the wellness center to the forefront of the campus. The building itself encompasses the Jesuit principle of Cura Personalis: health of the mind, body, and spirit. The building is arranged around a seasonal garden which ignites the senses of the body and provides areas of release. RE/Set provides an opportunity to celebrate emotional well-being of the campus while resetting the campus edge condition.

Entry Area
Autumn View of Courtyard
East Elevation
First Floor Plan
Indoor Garden
Meditative Hallway
Sectional Sensory Diagram
View from Rooftop Ambulatory
Winter View of Courtyard