Student Projects

Community Redevelopment

Urban Planning

Cities are constantly renewing themselves, clearing structures and infrastructure that no longer serve the community’s needs and making room for new development that brings increased activity and vitality to city centers and neighborhoods.

Waukesha Sunset Drive    (issuu) (PDF)
Amani Neighborhood Action Plan    
Avenues West Housing Redevelopment    
Pierce Street Strategic Plan    
The Future of Downtown West Allis    
Vision for North Beach Park    

Vliet Street Redevelopment Concept - APW
Amani map for Communtiy Redevelopment
Amani public input for Community Redevelopment
Avenues West Redevelopment Concept - APW
Avenues West Neighborhood – APW
Avenues West Neighborhood Meeting – APW
Avenues West Development Concept - APW
Pierce Street Pedestrian Crossing - APW
Community Event