Buried Alive

Jared Maternoski


Urbanization is inevitable. As it continues, the need for additional commercial, infrastructural and residential architecture in the urban environment continues to grow rapidly. One important component of this scenario that cannot grow is land. It has become clear that major cities across the world are rapidly running out of land. This limited availability forces us to build higher than ever before, but there is another option that this thesis will explore–building down. Although flat in appearance, Chicago is a city of immense sectional character. Infrastructural requirements such as the Deep Tunnel, the Chicago Pedway system, and the raising of Chicago’s streets have vastly manipulated ground condition ripe for a subterranean intervention. A conspicuous elevated railyard will act as the site of an expansive underground utilizing undesirable space in an attempt to change public perception on subterranean occupation.

1-Jared Maternoski_Thesis Buried Alive_View Along Exterior Passage
2-Jared Maternoski_Thesis Buried Alive_Bridgeport Commercial Districty
3-Jared Maternoski_Thesis Buried Alive_Chicago South Community Center
4-Jared Maternoski_Thesis Buried Alive_Evening View along Public Spasces
5-Jared Maternoski_Thesis Buried Alive_Interior Underground Living
6-Jared Maternoski_Thesis Buried Alive_Walking Beneath the Surface