Associate Professor Arijit Sen will be moderating a panel discussion about The Visa Promise on Friday, March 31 at 3:30 pm in Curtin 175 with the following panelists: Rachel Buff (UWM History), Anna Mansson McGinty (UWM Geography and Women’s and Gender Studies), Dav Odrcic (Odrcic Law Group, LLC), and Kristin Sziarto (UWM Geography). This program is part of the EmergentC21 Forum.

Some questions to be addressed include: Is a visa a legal document? What is the legal and social understanding of a U.S. visa? What are the rights of visa holders? How has the executive order affected visa applications? How does this executive order affect international students studying in American universities? What is its overall impact on higher education?

Rachel Buff (UWM History)
Anna Mansson McGinty (UWM Geography and Women’s and Gender Studies)
Dav Odrcic (Odrcic Law Group, LLC)
Kristin Sziarto (UWM Geography)

Arijit Sen (UWM Architecture and Urban Planning)