This fall eight undergraduate researchers received funding through the UWM SURF grant to work with the following faculty: Nikole Bouchard, Matt Messner, Brian Schermer, Arijit Sen and Mo Zell. Grant funds total over $13,000.

Projects include:
Nikole Bouchard and Brodie Kerst, “OshKosh ER: Environmental Relief.”
Matthew Messner and Aya Mustafa, “Architectural Drawing – Pedagogy and Practice.”
Brian Schermer and Ever Clinton, “Social Sustainability in the Washington Park Neighborhood.”
Arijit Sen and Bella Biwer, “Picturing Milwaukee 2.0.”
Arijit Sen and Teonna Cooksey, “Human Impact of Foreclosures.”
Arijit Sen and Lena Jensen, “Picturing Milwaukee 2.0.
Mo Zell working with Eli Liebenow and Quincy Drane, “EXHIBITION DESIGN: Microhousing: the next generation of domesticity”