SUPERjury, hosted by The American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS) and The School of Architecture and Urban Planning (SARUP), is a final celebration of the year’s most innovative and contemporary work at SARUP. Throughout the year, SARUP produces incredible work from all levels of students that often goes unrecognized. In addition to celebrating that student work, this event provides an opportunity for all students and faculty to get involved and learn about each studio’s curriculum. This year’s nominated projects will be presented online through a the new online sarupgallery. Voting will take place digitally and winners will be announced during SARUP’s virtual Tea and Bikkies event on Friday, May 15th.
Distinction is the highest level a project can be awarded. The second level is Merit. The third level is Honorable Mention.

For context, Arch 310 and Arch 320 are sophomore undergraduate (BSAS) studios. These are the first studios in their undergraduate education. Arch 410 and 420 are the junior year undergraduate studios. Arch 810 and Arch 820 are the first two studios for the 3 year MArch (non-architecture background) program. Arch 825 is the graduate (MArch) comprehensive studio. Lastly, all elective studios, Arch 650/850, are a mix of undergraduate (BSAS) and graduate (MArch) students.

Come and see the SUPERjury Winners