Congratulations to our 2020 SUPERjury Winners. Images of their work can be found here:

Bella Biwer, Armand Gamboa, + Clair Hitchcock Tilton, Unidad, Critic: Jose Ibarra
David Katz, Apartment Structure, Critic: Michael Jefferson
Caroline Schlosser, Lucas Dedrick, DJ Curley, SIGLUAQ, Critic: Jose Ibarra
Jansen Van Grinsven, Museum of Hip Hop, Critic: Chris Cornelius

Lisa Sun, Steel Gardens, Critic: Kyle Talbott
Edward Fang, Deep Learning House, Critic: Michael Jefferson
Natalie Kuehl, A Dwelling with Character, Critic: Nikole Bouchard
Edward Fang, Milwaukee Inflatable Museum, Critic: Filip Tejchman
Kim Workman, The Estuary, Critic: Alex Timmer
Lexie Peterson, Tectonic Fragment, Critic: Karl Wallick
Bailey Abbott & Jack Glavin, 19/1, Critic: Alex Timmer
Kim Workman, Museum of Hip Hop, Critic: Chris Cornelius

Honorable Mention
Seth Calmes, Scholar’s Residency, Critic: Marc Roerhle
Connor Howard, Moonrock Boathouse + Spa, Critic: Monika Thadhani
Rachel Bergelin, Thermal Cascade, Critic: Bill Noelck
Claire Hitchcock Tilton, Seed Bank, Critic: Kyle Talbot
Amanda Golemba, Gridded, Critic: Jim Wasley
Max Driftmier, Sea Lion Zoo, Critic: Lucille Sells
Will Bowman, UWM Student Dorm, Critic: Brian Schermer
Conor Howard, UWM Eco-Residence Hall, Critic: Tim Wolosz

Thesis Prize
Gabrielle Fishbaine, A Tale of Water, Waste, and Human Trace, Chair: Kyle Reynolds
Jacob Kleveland, Conventional Parts, Novel Spaces, Chair: Alex Timmer

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Special Thanks to Nicole Urquhart of the American Institute of Architecture Students at UWM.

For more information contact Architecture Chair Mo Zell.