Time and Place

Opening Reception – October 19, 2018
Time: 5:30pm – 8:30pm
Open – October 20, 2018
Time: 10:00am – 4:00pm
Panel Discussion – October 20, 2018 – 11pm

Location: 753 North 27th St. Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53208

The SARUP Mobile Design Box will host a gallery night event on Friday, October 19th 5-8pm & Saturday 10-4pm with a panel discussion at 11AM. On exhibit will be Plywood Toys from the ARCH 420 studio alongside work from Willis Davis and the LIFE Services Art Therapy Program. Food will be provided by MCFI and donated by the Near West Side Partners. Beverages by NWSP. The exhibit that honors Disability Awareness month in conjunction with UWM’s playful toy making series.

Plywood Toys
ARCH 420 students embarked on an ambitious semester trying to understand the relationship between kids, play, and architecture. Using a limited vocabulary of simple shapes and a single material palette of 5/8” Baltic birch plywood students teamed up to design a construction toy for a child that is transformable. Inspiration was drawn from Ann Tyng’s Tyng Toy and Ray and Charles Eames’ The Toy.

The design and construction of a toy provided students with valuable lessons in how to consider spatial and material experiences through tectonics; how users interact with objects in their environment; and how designs benefit from careful consideration and inclusion of specific human experiences. Students considered the materiality of the plywood – the grain, orientation, texture, and cadence. How can the material be translated into something light or heavy? How can the latent qualities be exaggerated or revealed? How can planar material be turned into something volumetric? How does that inform the types of connections?

Student Exhibitors:
Void Toy
Elisabet May Jatmiko/Dabya Sarhan
Circus Puzzle
Eilaf Amro/Aya Mustafa
Briar Albers/Ryan Gilmore
The Little Climber
Joel Padilla/Manuel Mendoza
Story Stick
Brodie Kerst/Ben Hofstetter
Cierra Puls/Megan Kuroski
Mark Richter/Samantha Krakow
Abdallah Al-Qudsi/Jeremy Campbell
Anthony Pauletti/Natalie Campbell
Rachel Schulz/Sydney Pauley

Matt Jarosz, Ray Isaacs, Marc Roehrle, Brian Schermer, Ryan Shortridge, Mo Zell

Creations of the Abyss, Willis Davis creates hauntingly expressive masks and Medieval inspired paintings using many different materials. His fascination with grotesque imagery is influenced by life experiences.

SOAR: Seeking Opportunity, Acceptance, & Respect, Milwaukee Center for Independence presents collaborative artwork completed by individuals that attend LIFE Services Art Therapy Program.

The show highlights the use of recycled resources to create artwork by transforming typical material into new things. The art serves as a bridge of communication between the individual and the community. The mission, like the art created, is to transform the way the community sees an individual with a disability. We strive to change the perspective from disability to abilities.

Six additional toys from the ARCH 420 studio will be on display at the Milwaukee Art Museum parallel to the Museum’s Serious Play: Design in Midcentury America exhibition.