Time and Place

Time: 9am – 5pm
Location: Jim Shields SARUP Gallery (AUP146) Sponsored by HGA – UWM Campus – 2131 E Hartford Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53211

Exhibition Summary

Models and Rooms is a collection of artifacts from the Fall 2022 semester curated by Architectural Activism Fellow Sam Schuermann, highlighting work from Arch310 and research supported by UWM’s Support for Undergraduate Research Fellows program. Through a collection of drawings and models from two discreet, contextually unrelated exercises, Models and Rooms puts methods of architectural representation and display into conversation.

Need Directions?

Get directions to The School of Architecture and Urban Planning building at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee is located at 2131 East Hartford Avenue, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Questions, comments?

All exhibits are free and open to the public.
Additional information about the lectures and exhibitions can be found by contacting the main reception at (414) 229-4014, and by emailing any inquiries to Chair of the Architecture Department Kyle Reynolds.