Time and Place

Time: 12:00 pm – 1:00pm
Location: Architecture and Urban Planning Building Commons (Marcus Commons)

Graduate Colloquium

Presentation by Jason Korb, Korb + Associates

As principal architect and owner of Korb + Associates, Jason Korb is a licensed architect in 22 states with 20 years of experience. He brings a broad understanding of the design and construction industry to bear, largely in the service of mission-based clients. He has been involved with numerous award-winning education, commercial, mixed-use, and student housing facilities.

At the forefront of architectural and technical advances, Korb drives innovation in the Milwaukee area through the eyes of his clients. Predominantly, these projects consist of multi-family, mixed-use and educational buildings. In addition, he specializes in historic renovation. His firm’s next steps towards innovation and sustainability incorporate the use of mass timber to be the primary structural element.

Having two tall timber projects underway, one being a seven-story tall office building and the other being a 21-story building known as Ascent, Korb and Associates is challenging the conformity to steel and concrete structures that dominate the industry. With the use of engineered mass-timber products such as cross-laminated timber (CLT) and nail-laminated timber (NLT). The firm is beginning to bring mass timber to the map by designing the tallest timber structure in the United States.

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