Associate Professor Jim Shields is being honored by HGA’s Milwaukee office, where he has worked for over 30 years. Thanks to HGA’s support and expertise in gallery design, SARUP’s gallery will receive improved lighting, layouts and equipment. For a limited time, the gallery will also celebrate Jim Shields’ impact with the honorary title of “Jim Shields Gallery of Architecture and Urbanism sponsored by HGA.” HGA’s multi-year commitment to SARUP means that students will learn and be inspired by the gallery space for years to come.

“Jim Shields has been an advocate for bringing an outward focus to students at UW-Milwaukee SARUP for decades,” said Paula Verboomen, Design Principal, Milwaukee Office Director. “While serving as a curator of the gallery for several years, he brought this passion to life via quality exhibits on architecture and urbanism. This passion is alive in the many alumni at HGA and across the globe. He is a true champion and supporter for urbanism, design and representation, and HGA is proud to support this gallery in his name.”

“Jim has taught students who now work and lead in many of our region’s most influential firms,” said incoming Interim Dean Mo Zell. “His impact is far-reaching. We’re immensely appreciative to HGA for honoring Jim through this special gallery title, and grateful for HGA’s ongoing support of this valuable resource for our students and the community.”