Lucille Sells

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Arch & Urban Planning 493


Lucille Sells earned her Master’s degree in Architecture from UW-Milwaukee after previously receiving a BA in Modern European History from UW-Madison. This background in historic research paired with an education in architecture has sharpened Lucille’s critical thinking as well as provided a depth to her design abilities. As an architectural designer at Dan Beyer Architects, Lucille works on a variety of projects from conceptual development to final documentation.
A passion and specialty of Lucille’s in the field of Architecture is historic preservation. She enjoys the stories historic buildings tell, the integrity of historic building materials, the sustainability of utilizing extant urban fabric and the challenge that preservation projects pose, requiring creative problem-solving to design contemporary and functional spaces within historic context.


M Arch, University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee – 2013
BA, University of Wisconsin – Madison – 2008


Arch 320 - Fundamentals of Arch Design II