Lassiter, Wekeana

Arch & Urban Planning 499


What started out as a whimsical exploration of form, function, and esthetics in a game called The Sims, is now my career. Somewhat different than what I anticipated at the ripe age of eleven, building design and Architecture has filled my mind with awe and wonder. The physical feats that humans are able to accomplish, yes, but more than that, how something so large as a city and something so small as a studio apartment can start with something so intangible as an idea.

Something so small; yet, packed with potential ready to burst forth from its shell and all it needs to be activated is nutrient soil and water to grow. Nutrient soil is a mind open to discovery, curiosity, and possibilities. The water is information that you pour onto that soil. University? Yes, but beyond an institution, it is the people you surround yourself with, the lessons, skills, vocabulary, thought processes that you absorb from people, places, and things all around you.

As Architects, we are allowed to dream; but we are also expected to transform those dreams into reality. We are the conduit between dreams and reality.


BSAS - UW-Milwaukee
M.A. Interior Design - Savannah College of Art & Design


Arch 410: Arch Design I
Arch 420: Arch Design II

Selected Work

Sentry Insurance Office Building in Steven’s Point, WI - new construction 350,000 s.f. Office Building with attached garage in Stevens Point, Wisconsin.

The Center for Innovative Drug Research is a new construction 365,000 s.f. Laboratory and office building with attached garage for a Confidential Client in Foster City, California (Bay Area). The CIDR was honored by the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering (ISPE) through their 2021 Facility of the Year Awards program with a Special Recognition Award for Operational Agility: COVID-19 Impact.