Arch 891 Thesis

A graduate level thesis project centers around an independently formulated question that addresses a specifically architectural topic. In other words: what is your question for architecture? It should be structured, researched, outlined, and managed by the individual student with guidance from a faculty committee.

There are a couple of different formats available for thesis. 1) an individual thesis project. 2) a directed studio – this could be an elective studio, comprehensive studio, or even the Marcus Prize or Urban Edge studios. An individual thesis requires a high degree of independent direction in terms of thought and work habits. For instance, you may meet with advisors only once every week or two. A directed studio offers a lot more faculty contact and guidance – the usual 3x a week schedule. For an individual thesis, the student formulates the question, the research topic, the site, program, performs all the research, etc. In a directed studio, the topic and questions are generally framed by the instructor along with site and program constraints – although this may vary with different faculty. Discuss with potential advisors which option might be best for you. In the meantime, attend as many thesis reviews as you can and take notes on techniques and ideas that are compelling.