Information About Post-Thanksgiving Instruction: Safety for All Students, Computing Needs, and Studio Move-Out and Key Return

The campus’s decision to move almost all instruction to online after Thanksgiving has generated lots of uncertainty. This page anticipates the information you need most. Most of this information applies to students who have been attending in-person courses who will now be finishing the semester in remote learning. Some of the information here is for students in Arch 310/810, and some of the information is for all students. If you have a question that is not answered here, contact Interim Dean Nancy Frank,

Help with Home Computing Limitations
If you need a computer for the end of semester work while working from home, please contact Kurt Meingast. He can loan you a computer, monitor and keyboard for the remainder of the semester. When you contact Kurt, please let him know if your home (dorm, apartment, etc.) has wi-fi but no wired ethernet plugs. He can show you an adapter to buy. If you cannot afford the adapter, please contact Interim Dean Nancy Frank,, for a technology scholarship to cover the cost of that purchase.

Please fill out this form to get the process started with a Loaner Computer.

Studio Move-Out and Key Return
At present, campus leaders do not anticipate restricting access to the building after Thanksgiving. Nonetheless, you may want to move out of studio now if you will be entirely in remote learning after break. Current rules will limit occupancy in studio rooms to one student at a time. And for the security of your belongings and studio materials, moving out now will be advisable.

If you will not be returning to campus after Thanksgiving here are instructions on how to return your studio key.

To return your studio key, the Main Office will have a DESIGNATED BOX with pre-printed envelopes for requested identifying information (NAME, RM # and/or PROFESSOR’S NAME) during open hours of the main office as listed below. For those who can’t make it during Office Hours an AFTER HOURS BOX will be placed outside of the AUP 170 lecture hall. Instructions will be posted there.

OPEN OFFICE HOURS (Nov + Dec hours available)
Mon, Nov. 23rd 7:45am – 3:30pm
Tues., Nov. 24th 7:45am – 3:30pm
Wed., Nov. 25th 7:45am – 3:30pm
Thurs., Nov. 26 CLOSED – use AFTER HOURS
Fri., Nov. 27th CLOSED – use AFTER HOURS

A detailed schedule of the December OPEN Office hours will be posted on the Main Office Door (Rm. 260).

Questions – please reach out to Lisa DiSalvo at

Financial Assistance
Financial Assistance
UWM has Emergency Financial Aid available. For more information, see the Re-Opening FAQs.

SARUP has earmarked funds to assist our students who are in need of some extra support–to afford a proper computer, for improved internet access, and basic supplies. The UWM Dean of Students office is accepting applications for this assistance and distributing the funds. As always, if this does not work meet your needs, please contact your advisor or Interim Dean Nancy Frank,

Visiting SARUP

The building is open, but many of the faculty and staff members you may be looking for continue to work from home through the Fall semester. You can find email addresses for faculty and staff, and most adjunct faculty on our Directory page. If you are unsure who to contact or how, email or call 414-229-4014.

As always and everywhere, not just in SARUP:

  • Maintain a distance of at least 6 feet between you and other people;
  • Wear a mask–you will receive two re-usable washable masks from UWM;
  • Wash your hands! Often.

Stay safe.

Computers Sales and Software Help

Information about Hardware, Software
SARUP is Selling Computers for $100 to SARUP Students

Kurt Meingast to the rescue! Kurt has re-conditioned and made available computer workstations for students to buy so that they are ready for online instructions. He has about 20 ready and set to go out the door – more will be available.

We are selling these perfectly serviceable workstations (computer, monitor, keyboard, and mouse) for just $100, including Windows 10 (activated and up-to-date).

Contact Kurt Meingast, if you have questions.

Software Available for Students:

Woodshop and RP Lab

Due to social distancing and disinfection requirements, it is not feasible to open the Wood Shop this fall.  The RP lab will be open and will provide socially distanced service to students.

You will drop off material outside of room 179 and email the lab your submissions. We will look over your submission and if there are not any questions we will cut or print your project. You can choose to 3d print your objects just through email and the lab can print your parts and you just pay for what you use. Or you can drop off your own spool of PLA plastic and we will print the parts from that. Then once completed the lab will email you an invoice and once purchased, we will have your objects available for pickup outside of Room 179. Please reach out to us if you have questions. The lab hours and tutorial videos will be up on the website before school starts.

Photo Lab
The Photo Lab will available only by appointment only.

Please contact:

Computer Labs - Remote Labs
Computer labs are only available by remote labs.

The remote labs are available 24/7.

Student can access the Remote Labs at:

The Remote Labs will have Adobe Creative Suite, Autodesk product like AutoCAD, Revit and many others, ArcGIS Pro 2.6 and ArcMap 10.8.1, MS Office and many other SARUP programs.

The students need to look over the How-to Remote Lab Access Guide before connecting to the remote labs (requires installing and connecting with the UWM VPN). If you are using macOS, here is the How-to Remote Lab Access Guide (macOS).

All Things International
All Things International
International students who have questions regarding international travel or immigration status should contact CIE. There are many implications that CIE needs to advise you on based on evolving government regulations and guidelines. Students can contact CIE by calling 414-229-4846 or emailing
Research Center
Sharadha ( is available every day to help with your portfolios, resumes, cover letters and job search strategies. Email her to set up a video/phone appointment.

In addition, as you research your projects, remember to contact her. She’s been researching more resources going online during this time, and can try and help you find relevant and quality materials.

As a start, you can find blogs and websites on architecture and planning HERE