Months ahead of Tatiana Bilbao’s Marcus Prize Studio at the School of Architecture & Urban Planning, Mexico City-based architecture office Tatiana Bilbao Estudio has brought an immersive installation to Chicago’s Graham Foundation for Advancement in the Fine Arts.

Unraveling Modern Living” transforms a former domestic space to explore new forms of collectivity. According to a Graham Foundation summary: “The installation is activated by collaborative projects, on-site talks, and workshops throughout the run of the exhibition with Archeworks, Colectivo 1050º, Cultural ReProducers, Fieldwork Collaborative Projects, Stefan Gruber, Nance Klehm of Social Ecologies, Lurie Garden, MAS Context, Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie, Sweet Water Foundation, The Weaving Mill, and Anna Martine Whitehead, among others.”The installation remains open through January 11, 2020.

Bilbao, the 2019 Marcus Prize awardee, will launch SARUP’s eighth Marcus Prize Studio when she arrives in Milwaukee in winter 2020. The award honors architects for their outstanding work to date—as well as their promise of greatness in the future. The $100,000 prize provides $50,000 to the winner and a further $50,000 to lead a design studio in collaboration with SARUP faculty Marc Roehrle. In addition to the award itself, the Marcus Corporation Foundation provides financial support to host the selection jury and to bring the awardees to Milwaukee for the studio.