Associate Professor Arijit Sen was awarded TWO of the 2018 UWM Collaborative Research Team Development grants. He will work in collaboration with Ermitte Saint Jacques, Assistant Professor, UWM Department of Africology; Simone Ferro, Professor, UWM Department of Dance; Chia Youyee Vang, UWM Department of History; and Ann Hanlon, Head of Digital Collections and Initiatives, UWM Libraries on the project Choosing the City: Reinterpreting the Ethnography of Milwaukee. For the proposal The Milwaukee Urban Observatory: The spatial and temporal variation of artificial light he partners with Dawn Erb, Associate Professor, David Kaplan, Associate Professor, UWM Department of Physics; Woonsup Choi, Associate Professor, Ryan Holifield, Associate Professor, UWM Department of Geography; Federica Bianco, Senior Research Scientist, and Gregory Dobler, Director, Urban Observatory, NYU Center for Urban Science + Progress.