Seminars – Architecture

Introduction to BIM
ARCH 382/382G

Instructor: Oscar Avila
May 26 – June 20, 1st 4-week session
M/T/W/Th 6:30PM – 9:20PM

This course emphasizes hands-on skill development through in-class assignments; some lecture content is also included, which presents the theory behind the techniques. In general, this course examines how to design 3D models that simultaneously document the project in schedules and 2D architectural drawings. Topics include starting a project, modifying elements, and presenting models. By the conclusion of this course students will have built a BIM project from scratch and present multiple views of the model on an architectural sheet.

Portfolio Design
ARCH 390/790

Instructor: Chris Wood
June 22 – August 1, 3rd 6-week session
T/Th 12:00PM – 3:45PM

This course will give students the opportunity to develop their portfolios with a focus on graphic design principles while gathering knowledge from industry professionals. We will consider grids, typography, color theory, sequence, materiality, versatility, etc. This course is not about architecture, it is about harnessing the power of graphic design to elevate the presentation of your architectural design. We will interview architects who regularly review portfolios, identifying their wants, needs, and expectations, and then develop a framework to best present your own work. By the end of the semester, students will have a portfolio structure in place that can accommodate future work.
Some course considerations:
What is the purpose of your portfolio?
Who are the users of your portfolio?
What turns them on?
What is the narrative behind your portfolio?
How can a design system respond to your narrative?
How do different formats – print versus digital – affect the presentation of your work?

Design Studios

Mixed Undergraduate/Graduate

Inspired By Reality: Architecture will never be the same
ARCH 650/850
Monika Thadhani
June 22 – August 15, 8-week session
M,T,W,Th,F – 5 days /week 9am-1pm

BSAS students enroll in ARCH 650
M.Arch students enroll in ARCH 850

INSPIRED BY REALITY: Architecture will never be the same

Although pandemics have long been a devastating scourge on our cities, they’ve also forced architecture, city planning and entire industry to evolve. We are witnessing how old conventions being transformed and new social protocols and forms being invented. Our world becomes more interconnected, moves faster. We need to embrace new options that are more flexible, holistic and responsive to better address the issues of pandemic and also help tackle other urgent issues such as inequality, social disconnection, extensive consumption resulting in pollution and degradation of natural environment.

Studio will investigate new forms of living in post-pandemic world. It will examine the future of the architecture in the age of smart technologies, automation, machine learning and artificial intelligence. It will address a new approach to programming, planning, testing new prototypes critical to resilience of wellness of the human. It will attempt to propose models, suggestions rather than ideal solutions, but most importantly will ask the question of “How architecture needs to transform to adapt to new dynamics of today’s reality?”.