Orchard Harvest LIS is the software the lab in the Student Health and Wellness Center to conduct its day-to-day operations and testing. Not only does it allow for order entry and reimbursement screening, but it has a list of other features as well. Orders get placed in Harvest LIS followed by physical testing with a variety of machines (I.E. urinalysis, blood testing, etc.) When the tests are completed, the results are sent right to the system to allow for seamless integration. Harvest LIS also allows for powerful interfacing options using HL7. This allows the software to connect with other software (such as an EHR) to transfer data between the two.


Support for Orchard Harvest is provided by Student Affairs Technology staff and the vendor.


  • Tools to organize laboratory workflow
  • Efficient sample tracking
  • Sophisticated quality control (QC)
  • Rules-based decision-support
  • Tools to maximize reimbursements
  • Multiple report and delivery options

Designed for

Student Health and Wellness Center staff


A separate Orchard Harvest LIS login is required to use the service

Data Security

May be used to show moderate or high risk data per UW System policy 1031.A Information Security: Data Classification


Free of charge