Mission Vision Values


To provide amazing customer experiences, innovative and creative solutions, and be technology advocates.

Vision Statement

We aspire to be an exceptional IT resource, innovative in our approach and services, providing applied training and experiences to the next generation of IT leaders and professionals.


We believe that our values describe how we behave in our community and that our actions must be driven by our values.

  1. We understand that creating strong, collaborative relationships with our colleagues is critical to our success.  Our words must match our actions and we must be transparent in order to create relationships based on trust and respect.
  2. We believe that student success is why we are here and will provide opportunities and challenges so students may grow, learn and obtain experiences useful to their future careers.
  3. We provide resources and tools to empower our customers to be more self-sufficient.
  4. We foster the mission, vision and values of UW-Milwaukee and the Division of Student Affairs.
  5. We will provide an amazing customer experience that requires us to actively listen and provide both short-term and long-term solutions.
  6. We are committed to owning our jobs, admitting and learning from our mistakes and having the fortitude to change.
  7. We will be supportive and inclusive in all we do.
  8. We will stay on top of changes and advances in technology, be technology leaders, innovators and advocates.
  9. We will create an environment where innovation and creativity are valued, allowing IT staff to flourish.
  10. We will reward people for taking risks and finding better ways to solve problems.
  11. We strive to be a positive and supportive IT organization that others wish to emulate.
  12. We understand the need for and actively balance work and personal life.
  13. We strive to build positive relationships and a build a supportive team.