Microsoft Teams – Calls

Microsoft Teams Calling

UWM is taking collaboration and innovation to another level with the implementation of our new telephone system, integrated with Microsoft Teams. This dynamic Internet, Voice Over IP (VOIP) service, replaces our legacy telephone system while integrating traditional calling features with collaborative calling experiences.

Calling from within Teams wherever you are. Teams Calls lets you send/receive calls, transfers, music on hold, call park, cloud voicemail, and more.

Make Calls

Information on using Teams to make phone calls.

Start a Call from ChatYou can make calls to anyone within UWM from chat.
Call a Phone NumberHow to make a phone call from within Teams.
Answer a CallShort information on how to answer a call.
Add Someone to a CallAdd another person to a phone call you are already in.
Make Multiple Calls at the Same TimeMake another call while still in a call.
Put a Call on HoldHow to put a call on hold.
Transfer a CallA couple of ways to transfer calls to someone else.

Manage Calls

Information for managing your call preferences and other options.

Manage Call SettingsHow to access and change call settings.
Call Forwarding, Call Groups, and Simultaneous RingSeveral additional options for how to answer calls.
Share Phone Line with DelegateHow to allow someone else to pick up your phone line.
Park a CallPlace a call on hold on one device and pick it up on another.
Check Your VoicemailHow do get your voicemail messages.
View or Add ContactsInformation on how to add people to your contact list.
View Call HistorySee a history of your incoming, outgoing, and missed calls.
Turn Off Automatic VideoSet video to not turn on automatically when in a call.