The Assessment Team strives to develop relationships with units in an effort to share best practices, nurture a culture of assessment, and foster a commitment to data-driven practice. Our work is done with an eye towards increasing our collective understanding of the students we serve and improving our programs and services in support of their learning and success.

The A-Team:

  • Promotes a culture of assessment by developing relationships with all units within student affairs, nurturing a value of assessment driven practice, and supporting unit-level assessment implementation efforts;
  • Empowers departments with resources and trainings to increase competencies amongst student affairs staff and advance assessment practices throughout each unit;
  • Develops a central location for student and programmatic data that is easily accessed, updated and managed by all functional areas;
  • Reviews existing data within and beyond the division to make what is known widely available to decision-makers and stake-holders;
  • Facilitates increased communication related to data collection, dissemination, and incorporation into decision-making;
  • Coordinates the timing and implementation of departmental and divisional surveys;
  • Offers assessment related professional development opportunities.