Prospective Students Affected by Recent Natural Disasters

Prospective Students Affected by Recent Natural Disasters

The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee is offering help with admissions and in-state tuition to Puerto Rican students affected by Hurricane Maria and other out-of-state students affected by recent natural disasters.

UWM  is providing assistance to these prospective students, recognizing that power outages have made routine transactions, such as obtaining high school or college transcripts, difficult or even impossible.

Puerto Rican and other out-of-state students, who have been affected by recent natural disasters and applying for admission to UWM for the spring 2018 semester, can apply for a tuition reduction through an established process for students facing extenuating circumstances. If granted, the reduction would cover the non-resident portion of their tuition, giving them in-state tuition for the spring 2018 semester. Students would need to obtain bona fide Wisconsin residency or submit an appeal to determine eligibility for in-state tuition for future semesters.

Admissions officers will review students’ online applications and any academic records they can provide. They also will look at previous years’ financial aid records help determine year in school and additional aid eligibility.  Application fee waivers will also be provided.

If students can’t provide official academic records, admissions officers may consider unofficial transcripts, test scores or other documents. They also may use placement testing and individual interviews to help in admission and registration decisions.

Students affected by these disasters can receive more information regarding disaster relief assistance by filling out the form below and an advisor will be in contact with you.  If you’d prefer to call or connect through social media or email, go to and refer to UWM’s Natural Disaster Admissions Relief program in your inquiry.

We offer our sincerest thoughts and prayers to those affected, and stand in strong support as the rebuilding of lives and communities continues.