Leslie Harris: Two Interviews

State of Marital Union
Leslie J. Harris was interviewed by Eric C. Miller for USC Annenberg’s Religion Dispatches on October 7, 2014. The article, “What 19th-Centry Marriage Controversies Can Tell Us About the Fight Over Gay Marriage.” http://religiondispatches.org/what-19th-century-marriage-controversies-can-tell-us-about-the-fight-over-gay-marriage/ The interview discusses Dr. Harris’s book State of the Marital Union: Rhetoric, Identity, and Nineteenth-Century Marriage Controversies by Baylor University Press.

Leslie J. Harris
was interviewed on the radio program “Steel on Steel.” November 1, 2014. http://www.steelonsteel.com/2014/11/01/state-vs-church-vs-marriage/ Dr. Harris addresses marriage controversies from the 1800s and how marriage is used as a metric of public morality.