Thomas Neman

Thomas Neman


Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Lightroom, After Effects, and coffee makers are just a few tool to help me create interesting and compelling designs. Provided with the right context, sunlight and water I can provide the right content for any client. Establishing both big/bold designs for the masses and simple/elegant solutions for target crowds, I can focus in on the things that are necessary for the design and create a product that is desired. Understanding what a millennial is and knowing what to do with that information along with a bit of college education, I am able to collaborate with people and teams to provide interesting and compelling works of design. I can be found working Monday through Saturday and at the bar Saturday night. Getting to know as many people as possible is one of my personal goals, soaking in their ideas and knowledge helps me see all the different mind sets of the population. I can take those thoughts and translate them in my work, the more people I meet the more I see the world in a wider and diverse way, and with that I can reach out to as many people with my creations. Knowing is half the battle, while work, work is only like 45%, the other 5% you may ask? … wouldn’t you like to know.



A person is not who they chose to display to others, a true person is how they react to things around them and to them. When writing this manifesto, I decided to display the things that i think make me, me. I decided to display who I am, I decided to show the world what goes through my head. To react in a way that is best, to whisper instead of shout, to love instead of hate, to be you instead of perfect to others. My manifesto is surrounded by me, my strengths, my weakness and my humanity. The reader will see me as me and hopefully understand who I am.

To The wise and the winds

You get more out of a whisper than a shout
You get more out of kindness then hate
You get more out of a laugh then a yell
It’s more important to be you then perfect
It’s more important to be happy then stubborn
It’s more important to love then to hate
So, get that tattoo
sing that song
ask for help
Be soft
Be strong
Be expressive
Show up and stand out
And most importantly
Be human