Plant Your Plate


Walnut Hill is located on Milwaukee’s West Side and is bordered by 35th street in the east, US-41 in the west, Vliet Street in the south, and North Avenue in the north. Residents of the neighborhood are mostly African-American, with smaller groups of Hmong, Latino and white households, and the current population is about 1,184 people. The Walnut Hill neighborhood is so named because it includes the 124-acre Washington Park, which was built in 1891 and is still around today. There are many local organizations in the neighborhood such as Our Next Generation, the Urban Ecology Center, United Methodist Children’s Services, Express Yourself, Amaranth Bakery that participate in different civic involvements. The community as a whole is tight knit and is the focus of revitalization efforts. We will be contributing to these efforts in addressing the problem of the existing food desert by working with the local youth and organizations to build a community garden structure to not only provide fresh food, but to also get everyone involved and informed on how to grow fresh food anywhere.


To reflect the heart and soul of our community we had to explore the area and talk with its people. Our exploration gave us an appreciate for the things that make Walnut hill unique.


We wanted to use our past few years in the program to help us create a brand for our project. We focus on picking assets that would not ony look good but pass the test of time.