Threads of Walker’s Point


Walkers Point, a gem of Milwaukee’s neighborhoods that occupies roughly one square mile just south of the historic Third Ward, named after one of three founders of Milwaukee, George Walker. In a city that faces criticism for showing a lack of diversity, Walkers Point shines through the statistics by being one of the most diverse neighborhoods in Milwaukee. Hosting a rich Hispanic culture consisting of 63% Hispanic residents as well as maintaining Milwaukee’s largest LGBT scene, Walkers Point is something to be revered. The neighborhood maintains a brand that resembles community, quirkiness, and a touch of grunginess, all of which are byproducts of the artist community and manufacturing setting that the neighborhood was built on. Walkers Point is a neighborhood of Milwaukee that is not very well known but maintains a culture that must be preserved.

Our Neighborhood

For our project we aimed to preserve and promote the culture of Walkers Point and create an awareness about the local gems that the neighborhood has to offer. While going to Walker’s point we got to see what truely makes it unique.


For our project we choose to use a vintage palette to reflect the neighborhood’s deep history but we added a bright blue to punch it up just like how we hope to revitalize this community.