The Beerline Trail


Riverwest is located just west of the Milwaukee River. In fact, the river defines its eastern and southern borders, while the rest extends west to Holton street and north to Capitol Street. Originally started as a Polish & German neighborhood, Riverwest is now the most diverse neighborhood in Milwaukee. Within its 30,000 inhabitants can be found a melting pot of every race living in Milwaukee, though most are either white, black, or hispanic. Tight-knit and community driven, it’s a hotbed for activism, a neighborhood of makers, artists, students, and workers. Riverwest is its own small town in the middle of a big city. Even though it’s a supportive and involved community, it still has its challenges and problems, mainly crime (theft, robbery, and vandalism), violence (mostly gang-related), and litter. Our efforts will help to curb these problems in the present and the future by working with the youth who live in Riverwest and the surrounding area. Working with Riverworks on their project to create an orchard along the Beerline Recreational Trail, we will help to develop a sense of pride, ownership, and stewardship in the youth to the neighborhood they call home.

Holton Youth Center Activities

Our group met with the Holton Youth Center twice in order to receive artwork from Riverwest’s and Harambee’s youth. We really wanted their artwork to be shown throughout The Beerline Trail in order to give them a sense of ownership, stewardship and pride within their own neighborhood.

“Clean the Hood Initiative” Cleanup 2015

Riverworks Center, our community partnership, hosts an annual cleanup in order to get the Harrambe and Riverwest communities engaged outside along The Beeline Trail. We as a group volunteered to clean and created fliers, take-away buttons and a t-shirt design to help the cause.

What We Are Proposing

The Beerline Trail is in desperate need of trash receptacles. Our group has designed and constructed a 4ftx2ft trash receptacle that will be placed along the trail located behind the Riverworks Center. We are also proposing to create a 7ft tall way finding guide which includes seating and proposing that local community groups help paint the boring cement barricades and boarded windows that are found all along the trail.