Milwaukee Green Way


Our group is helping the Riverwest neighborhood launch Milwaukee’s first greenway on Fratney Street. Greenways are residential streets set up to reduce automobile traffic and give bicycles and pedestrians priority. They benefit the community by providing a safe place for neighbors to congregate and meet one another. These quiet streets also give the individual a place to experience nature and tranquility in an urban setting. Our group will be creating branding and wayfinding pieces, along with design materials to help promote and fundraise for the Fratney greenway.


Riverwest is a small neighborhood located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Its close knit community groups and large biking community made it a great place for the first Milwaukee Greenway. These renewals will be spreading to streets all over Milwaukee, but for now, Fratney Street will hold the first Milwaukee Greenway.


For our logo is a hand-lettered vector to create a personal touch. Throughout our logo, letters are connected to symbolize “paths”. We choose bright and inviting colors to symbolize the diverse communities in Milwaukee along with the experience of the Greenway. The icons represent the experiences people will have while on the Greenway (e.g active lifestyle, artistic expression and a sense of community.) Having the icons appear hand drawn was to keep a personable feel throughout our branding.