Bay View Lookout


Bordered by Lake Michigan to the east, Lincoln Avenue to the north, Howell Avenue to the west, and Michigan Avenue to the south, Bay View is regarded as a historic neighborhood within the city of Milwaukee. Rich in a cultural heritage of artwork, architecture, and an overwhelming sense of community, Bay View is a proud neighborhood dedicated to celebrating its residents and history.

Although given formal boundaries by the Milwaukee Neighborhood Identification Project, Bay View inhabitants describe the area as, “a state of mind, influenced by Lake Michigan and strong community ties.” This pervasive mentality is visibly present throughout the neighborhood shops, bars, and restaurants, all of which maintain an aesthetic unique to Bay View.

Organizations such as the Bay View Neighborhood Association implement a number of projects year round to celebrate the rich culture within the city, and yet, there are still areas the neighborhood lacks the funds to improve. Our research uncovered an abandoned initiative to create a city watch texting program in tandem with the Milwaukee Police Department. Building on this initiative, our project mission is to create a sustainable neighborhood watch organization focused on keeping Bay View residents safe through crime prevention resources and increased neighborhood awareness. Our vision is to help Bay View stay a safe and friendly place to live, work, and visit.


The website generated for the project keeps the same visual aesthetic from th branding to bring a community connection to life. It will serve as a one-stop-shop for all of the memebers andorganizers to get and share information.

Print Materials

Visibility is a huge part of creating a successful neighborhood watch so we created a large array of print materials to inprove visibilty including window clings for members.


To create a recognizable image for the program we created a brand intended to reach the adult and youth audiences of the program. We used a local icon, the Bay View foxes, to help connect with an existing character.