Minkyung Lee

Minkyung Lee



She wants to be a designer who can wake people up and illuminate their minds with her design ability and creative thinking. Also, she is a designer who discovers something special in everyday life. She tries to get ideas from all her daily life such as walking down the street, talking to someone, watching a movie, or eating, trying to find ideas in everyday life.

Minkyung Lee is a Korean student studying Design and Visual Communication at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. She has an associate degree in Design Studies with an emphasis in Visual Design from Kyung-bok University, in Korea. She joined AIGA-UWM to fulfill social and intellectual needs around art and design.

She is currently teaching Korean to first-grade children as a volunteer Korean teacher at the Korean Language and Culture School of Milwaukee. She is trying to strengthen her leadership and teamwork skills through the experience. She is constantly looking for opportunities to improve both her craft and herself to become a stronger person and designer.


She made her manifesto by combining good sayings she reminds in her mind. Looking for the meaning of the flower to suit each sentence, and designed using the image of the flower and the image of her favorite actress Audrey Hepburn. It has been made into postcard series to convey the warmth of analog in the digital world where people use a lot of text and e-mail.