Meghan Polzin

Meghan Polzin


Meghan Polzin is a lifelong equestrian bringing unbridled enthusiasm to art and design. A multidisciplinary artist with a passion for design, photography, and lettering. Meghan studies Design and Visual Communications at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, with an emphasis in photography.

Outside of the arts, Meghan is active within the United States Pony Club, and spends her time with her horse, Meatball, and her hedgehogs, Fish Nugget and Ramen Noodle.


I have often considered that most things of value I have learned in my life, I have learned from horses. I truly believe that without the hard work and dedication I learned from caring for and competing with horses, I would not have been able to overcome the obstacles I have faced in life. For this reason, my manifesto physically is a horse jump set at the Olympic fence height of 5’3”. The jump serves as a reminder that obstacles can be intimidating, but ultimately are what you make of them.