Kayleigh Kvool

Kayleigh Kvool



Kayleigh Kvool is pursuing her senior year at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and is receiving a BFA in Design & Visual Communications and a minor in Journalism, Advertising & Media Studies in December 2019. She found a niche for fiber art and textile design and cares about crafting quality. This led to a passion for how color, pattern, form and other elements interact on a composition through her opportunities to visually communicate.

She is accepting Design Lead at UWM Union Marketing Services where she constructs uniquely-branded marketing campaigns for university departments and events. She received The Kaleidoscope Award for her unique approach to generating ideas and problem solving. She is looking forward to designing her largest campaign yet, Pantherfest.

Kayleigh cares about people, from her closest supporters to helping a community through a design project. She thrives with diversity of expertise and constructive critique that collaborators bring when working as a team to continue furthering her own understanding.

She is drawn to fashion companies that are sustainable and support self-care. She is inspired by opportunities in the design industry that are hand-crafted and female-powered.

Crafting a visual identity is a different challenge for each task, but she embraces the work with growth. Every creative solution is different and successful in unique ways, but done with good design practice above all. Through graphic design, advertising and fine art, Kayleigh has found a happy medium.


I have always had a large imagination. Navigating the world from an abstract view can be overwhelming, but it’s always an adventure. The past 4 years of my education have had me pulled in many directions, each one I care for deeply. It’s like watering so many plants you can barely keep track, but the beautiful way they grow alongside of you makes it worth it.

My manifesto is produced in my favorite medium, textile. Fabric has always been a strong influence in my identity through the choices I make to express myself. It gives me comfort, style, and now a design opportunity to make a public declaration about my beliefs.

Two years ago, I took my first fibers class and became extremely drawn to the medium and form of expression. One year ago, screen printing on fabric was a groundbreaking idea for me. This has influenced the way I think about digital illustration, bringing me to my current aesthetic after developing hand-crafted techniques. It only felt right coming back to it as an independent study and personal manifesto.

“Imagination has no limit” is an abstraction of my daily life with simplified symbols of things that bring me joy in my busy schedule. It is paired with typography in a way to evoke being in the present moment when things overlap along the journey.