Kayla Couture

Kayla Couture



Kayla Couture, a West Allis native, is a senior in the Design and Visual Communications program and plans to graduate next spring. Along with being a full-time student, she works part time at Quad Graphics. If she is not and is the President of UWM’s local sorority, Kappa Tau. She had always been interested in leadership roles, holding past positions of high school Vice President, President and Sorority Vice President. Her friends would describe her as a very bubbly, bright, kind soul and you can see it right when you meet her.

In her free time, she can be found hanging with friends, attending concerts or creating artwork. Art has been her passion for as long as she could remember. She loves working with her hands and getting her creative juices flowing. Working with different mediums is such a fun experience for her and she enjoys face/body painting, cut paper work, painting, felt crafts, pinata making, creating cards and other various party supplies on top of her digital art. Her dream is to own her own party supplies company, where she can bring joy to a variety of people.


Kayla’s Manifesto would be described as a look inside her life, in the form of a celebration. She’s inviting you to celebrate her life, while sparking joy in yours. Through a variety of different art mediums, she tells a story of her life’s principles. This Manifesto is a fun, colorful, bright experience and she would love to share it with you. Come join the fun and enjoy some cake!