Jenna Braund

Jenna Braund


What’s up, I’m Jenna! I am a Milwaukee based creative and Design & Visual Communication student at UWM. I’m a problem solver with a love for communication and connection. I married a sweet boy and our french bulldog makes every day even brighter. I love adventuring, laughing, sports my knees can’t handle, sushi, challenging myself, and, of course, design!

As a kid, I would doodle on anything I could find, with the back of my hands often acting as my canvas. I remember being rewarded for independent thought, breaking rules with intention, empowerment of others and true kindness. These reinforced lessons still seem to guide me. I find myself very lucky to get to exercise my imagination daily. I look forward to using design to forever explore the depths of society, myself and impactful visual connections with the ultimate goal being to advocate, educate, and inspire for a better tomorrow.


I wondered what would happen if I just had fun with a project and followed my gut whims without doubts deterring me into a safer route. Envisioning this showcase, I wanted to create an experience of self-reflection within an interactive space of thought, goals, and a vibe I’d want to kick it in. The path to authenticity is paved with sometimes harsh truths we so often blind ourselves to out of self-protection. But to manifest who we want to be sometimes requires fearless reflection on who we’ve been. To heal, understand, embrace, accept, reject all that leads to your peace. At the end of the day, it’s just you behind those eyes, so take time to progress to a soul you’re proud of.