Jake Paniagua

Jake Paniagua



High school design courses evoked a creative freedom that couldn’t possibly be inverted for a lifetime to come. With an insight on design and the ability to be creative every day is the ultimate achievement. I would consider myself an organized tech savvy creative who’s passionate about design, soccer and outdoors. Influenced by individuals trying to recreate the spectrum and uncover something new or even an extension onto something with a personal creative twist. I am currently working with Restaurant Operations at UW-Milwaukee as a student graphic designer, where I and a team of student ran creatives, are all working together to create weekly and monthly signage, menus and specials for all UW-Milwaukee restaurants spread around campus, bringing adequate responsibility for the numerous and various units. As well as working to implement my company Padl into the world, where people can rent and return kayaks and canoes from the convenience of an app. Currently a Design and Visual Communications major at UW-Milwaukee, looking forward to the everyday challenge of creating something unique and captivating for the public to observe. A previous graduate of WCTC Graphic Design Program, I was able to capture many technical skills in the Adobe Creative Suite. Focusing and honing in on using each of the programs assisted in having technical skills become a first instinct with great in depth communication to follow.


My manifesto is stemmed from my love for shoes. Within my manifesto, I talk about my views and goals, but also throw in a few concepts of shoes and with this I’ve decided to handwrite my manifesto onto all white Chuck Taylor high tops, incorporating the whole high end shoe buying experience around it.