Heidi Brody

Heidi Brody



Heidi is a copywriter turned design student. Her first degree was earned from the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire in English Linguistics and French. After graduating, Heidi taught English and French in a Japanese high school for a year. She would have stayed there forever, but alas, her family couldn’t live without her here in Wisconsin. So she returned and began working in public relations in firms located in Madison and Milwaukee. That wasn’t quite her cup of tea, but she found her happy place in the creative department of Heathgrades, Madison, as a copywriter. It was here that Heidi discovered that she wanted to not only write, but design as well. That desire took her to Madison College where she began working on a graphic design degree. And then love struck and marriage brought her to Milwaukee. Heidi will be graduating from UWM this May with a degree in design and visual communication. She can’t be more excited to be leaving school for the last time (hopefully) and beginning her career and a writer and designer.


The beauty and masterful designs found in nature have always been a comfort and inspiration to Heidi. She brought this appreciation of nature into her manifesto, as well as her love of storytelling, animals and children’s literature. Heidi’s manifesto is a short book created using cut paper. The words and images work together to proudly state what Heidi believes as a person and as a designer.