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Enterprising Expression

As a little girl in New Orleans, Christina was inspired by the passion and tenacity of local artists and musicians she met in Jackson Square. This inspiration developed into an all-encompassing obsession with art and music. Whether singing, painting, drawing, or playing her guitar, she focused all of her energy on creative expression.

Christina pursued this inspiration at the collegiate level, soon to complete her BFA in Graphic Design with a minor in Art History. She is a member of UW-Milwaukee’s Honors College and is a recipient of the Ziegler Family Scholarship.

Although still a student, Christina is no stranger to the professional industry. She has multiple clients as a freelance designer, creating logos and promotional materials to expressively market their brands and identities. Christina was also a University Extension intern, working with the 4-H program to expand their county brand.

Christina is still the little girl who trailed after the artists she met in Jackson Square – all grown up. She still loves beignets, George Rodrigue’s infamous “Blue Dog,” and naturally, the music of Louis Armstrong. Contact her with your projects; she is always looking for new adventures. In the words of Louis, “It’s a wonderful world.”