Lindsey Hynek


Be the Unexpected

I’m a firm believer in being the unexpected by taking risks as an artist, as it often leads to extraordinary outcomes. My inquisitive tendencies force me to explore new techniques and mediums with an open mind and a need for adventure. My perfection of craft is driven by an excellent work ethic, devotion to the process, and creative critical thinking. That creativity is empowered by the positive inspiration of my daily life and new surroundings. When I’m not designing, I’m bartending. As a bartender, I’ve gained the desire to network and meet new people, work under extreme stress, survive off of strange sleeping habits, and balance my time wisely. I enjoy the diverse opportunities design offers for my future and its ever-changing nature. After earning my degree, I intend on finding a desirable career in design that challenges my creativity and imagination on a daily basis by utilizing my best skills and knowledge.