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Don’t Think outside the box, think as if the box never existed.

Jonah Spaay is a senior studying Graphic Design and Painting & Drawing at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. He received the Frederick R. Layton scholarship for the FOSS in 2012 for his Art Foundations work. Inspired by the work of Kaws, Takashi Murakami, and many others, Jonah loves to create graphic, expressionistic, and abstract works of art. He is talented in illustration and skilled at using a diverse range of media to create his work, from digital media (Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign) to paint. He enjoys using his artistic abilities to captivate ideas, convey emotions and solve problems. He is curious about the way the mind responds to art, and continuously questions the world. Tattoos, shoes, urban street clothing, hip-hop, and graffiti subcultures inspire Jonah’s work. The most influential driving force in Jonah’s work is music. He enjoys exploring new adventures in the natural world. Nature gives him a creative edge and freedom that creates energy, helping him to think clearly and better understand his surroundings. Jonah designs and makes art to make the world a more understandable place.