Betsy Christensen


Thoughtful Designs

Hello, my name is Betsy Christensen. I am a designer. What I bring to the table is something that can’t be taught. What I want to do as a designer is calm the chaotic seas of an overly visual world. If that’s what I want to do why did I become a designer? Because, design, when applied appropriately, can communicate ideas without screaming. It can have a calm assertiveness that communicates without force. I became a designer because I want to make thoughtful designs.

To me, thoughtful designs are ones that don’t fight people. They are people oriented to be a choice. They are harmonious with the world they exist in. Unlike advertisements with bright sparkly colors that are you begging for your attention with exclamation points and desperation, I want to bring the breeze of color on a summer afternoon. I want to designs to tell a story with dignity.

Upon completion of my formal education, I plan to set forth into the world continuing to learn. With an open mind I will build beautiful designs from pixel to print. I want to create something beautiful with my time here. I am Betsy Christensen and I create thoughtful designs.