Cassidy Blanchard

Cassidy Blanchard


Cassidy is the type of person who always strives for more. This mentality is due to her lifetime of playing competitive sports. As a result of a busy schedule from childhood until present she is well versed in the skills of time management, teamwork, and accountability. On top of this, she has a passion for working with kids. Currently coaching a U8 girl’s soccer team, she feels that it is part of her job to inspire girls to grow into strong women whether they continue with the sport or not.

With regards to Cassidy’s design, she embraces receiving constructive criticism and finding ways to continually improve. Although her personality is lighthearted and easygoing, Cassidy prefers to work with more serious topics relating to social justice. Visual communication is a powerful way to get ideas across and it is Cassidy’s goal as a designer to use her skills to create positive change in the world around her.


Cassidy’s manifesto is all about her passion for soccer. Soccer is more than a sport to her; it is both an art form and a lifestyle. The words appear to be the shadows of the illustration from a distance, but as the viewer gets closer they are able to read her manifesto. This reflects that soccer has formed who she is and that her view on the world is interlinked with her love of the sport. The words have become a part of Cassidy’s body and uniform and embody everything that is important to her.

Cassidy also enjoys intermixing her design with three-dimensional work. The process of working with her hands and assembling the final product is extremely rewarding to her. Cassidy wanted her manifesto to interact with the space and did this through creating a life size illustration and scene of her playing soccer. This environment truly allows the audience to envision her in her element playing the game she loves.