Afreen Alam


Afreen Alam


Afreen Alam is a senior at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee looking forward to attaining her Bachelor’s of Fine Art degree in the Design and Visual Communications program in 2018. Afreen has a passion for both Graphic and Interior Design, receiving an Interior Design award, the Chiasso award, for the design of her home. Outside of design, her other passions include cooking, baking and fashion design.

Afreen plans to create a career for herself by combining the skills she developed at UWM with her unique style of keeping things simple but exciting. Following graduation she wants use her skills to benefit others through her design. Born in Bangladesh, Afreen moved to the United States in 1997 and uses her multicultural background to connect with people of various backgrounds and culture to understand their needs and builds her relationships on trust. She plans to continuously grow as a designer and student, and hoping to bring her diverse passions and cultural knowledge to her future as a design graduate and professional.


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